Friday, August 28, 2009

Will they be dumb enough to "Wellstone" Ted Kennedy's memorial?

I'd say the odds are close to even that the "regressives" haven't learned their lesson from the backlash from the over-the-top pep rally the Paul Wellstone memorial turned out to be in 2002.

Captain Ed weighs in.

"At least thus far, nothing proposed by the Kennedy family or by Democrats comes close to matching the crass spectacle of the Wellstone memorial. The 'do it for Teddy' meme is practically expected by voters, which is why it won’t have much effect; it’s too obvious a manipulation to work on anyone but the true believers, where it won’t count anyway. The next election is not a few days away but fourteen months. Even if speakers get out of hand at the service, which Democrats will probably work hard to prevent, the impact will have dissipated in a fortnight.

A 'Wellstone effect' is probably nothing more than wishful thinking, but it’s equaled by the hope of a 'Kennedy effect' on ObamaCare. Unless Democrats get very, very stupid about it, the memorial will have little impact on anyone except the mourners — which is exactly how it should be."

Let's hope the Kennedy family makes it clear (to the Teleprompter-in-Chief and fellow Usual Suspects alike) that there will be no circus atmosphere permitted at the funeral, nor will it be sanctioned at any other organized memorial any where else.

That sort of thing should be left to the shameless hacks of the Tank Media and their looney toon allies in the blahgosphere.


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