Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama's "Regressive" tribe is restless

The whiny attitude is extremely funny in "Obama's Presidency Isn't Too big To Fail", don't you think?

You know that Obama and his presidency, the most radical and leftist in history, is in trouble when the Lefty Looney Tooners start abandoning him.

This implosion of Obamacare looks like it could put a stake through the heart of these bloodsuckers before their fangs can do additional damage beyond the disasters they've already created. Hopefully, we will be able to erase the incredible damage already done starting in the 2010 election and culminating with a widespread victory in 2012.

Watch for the other signature pieces of legislation like Cap 'n Trade, draconian financial and communication industry control, illegal alien amnesty and citizenship, and others to be dropped for lack of political ability to ram these obnoxious notions through.

I think they've figured out that the nation and our citizens WILL NOT permit that to happen.

Oh wait, I shouldn't say that...hysterically irrelevant fools like Buie will start accusing me of advocating violence again.

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