Thursday, September 17, 2009

North Carolina's "Healthy Youth Act" will promote "sexual rights and freedoms" for children

Jessica Custer at Civitas has details about how the "regressive" education element has filled the newly adopted "Comprehensive Sex Education" program full of leftist worldview agenda items on the issue of sex and sexuality.

"Students can then flip through the mini-book and learn about their 'sexual rights' which include; the right to choose how much risk one is willing to take sexually, the right to participate in whichever behaviors one is most comfortable with, and the right to express one’s sexuality—and how to do it.

Funny, I can’t remember reading about sexual rights in the constitution, nor do I remember learning that sexuality is a 'right'.

Grossman points out that ninety percent of parents want their children to delay sexual behavior but when they participate in CSE, they will hear an entirely different approach that does not have the child’s best interest in mind. The result: an unstable foundation of lies, false information and manipulation that holds sexuality as a right and not a personal decision."

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    These people will love this act.