Monday, September 14, 2009

Last week's Obamacare speech made no real difference

Even the ABC/WaPo poll admits it, much to their chargrin and their best attempts to marginalize the implications.

It's not surprising, despite the Tank Media Tag Team's best efforts to discredit and downplay all the things negative about Obamacare, and the Obamanation in general.

Witness the latest example, the underreporting and misreporting of the massive protest in our nation's capital last Saturday:
"The Daily Mail said 2 million Americans participated. My friend Charlie Martin extrapolated from the pictures an attendance figure of 2.3 million. Here is a time lapse of the parade portion of the event so you can get a feel for yourself of the size of the crowd. Whatever the actual number it is sure to be seriously underestimated by the Obama-besotted members of the press corps who are also likely to misrepresent the participants and their views."

Some of the lefty blogger dummies (yes, I know-- that's redundant) actually tried to tell us there were only 30,000 in attendance!

Meanwhile, Joe Wilson hasn't been hurt by the Democrat demonizing of his truth-telling. Here's a reason why (2:56 mark):

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  1. "Meanwhile, Joe Wilson hasn't been hurt by....."

    But the idiots are still trying to get more milage out of the deal by coming up with another one of their meaninless resolutions, which of course makes it appear that they are actually doing something. What I haven't figured out yet. Again it is to draw the attention away from the failed NOHEALTHCARE Plan which is doomed.
    The idiots keep digging holes deeper and deeper for themselves and wonder why the people have no confidience in anything they do.