Monday, September 14, 2009

Questions for Obama and Obamacare supporters everywhere

None of them wants to provide an answer for this question that Craig Ritter posed.

How will adding 46 (or is it 30?) million uninsured, mandating coverage for pre-existing conditions, mandating preventative services, mandating insurance companies pay a greater portion of out of pocket expenses, removing any lifetime caps on insurance coverage, be able to lower medical expenses, and lower premiums, when insurance companies can't just amass $70 trillion or so in unfunded liabilities, like Medicare has?

It's just what we would expect from "Health Care in Fantasy Land".

"Most of all, he wishes Obamacare would pay for itself, plus all prescription-drug costs for senior citizens, with 'money already being spent' on 'waste and fraud' in Medicare and Medicaid, with the elimination of the pesky 'overhead' of capitalism, and with new 'fees' (taxes) on capitalism. In fact, he has no real plan for reducing costs, and everything he proposes only will add to them and to the burgeoning federal bureaucracy. As it is, congressional bean-counters say Obamacare would add $239 billion to the deficit over 10 years and many times that amount in each successive decade, and it comes with built-in unfunded liabilities of at least $9 trillion."


  1. Bubba, have you looked at the Baucus Helth Care Reform Proposal? It is on my site if you haven't. It looks to melike Hillary's program all over again with state "exchanges" and a whole lot of garbage.

    The Conservative Republicans Study Committee Health Care bill is the best and least invasive but still corrects ome problems. It's H.R. 3400 and hasn't even seen the light of day. BB

  2. cpa101-

    One more issue: How will we have enough doctors to suddenly absorb 30-46 million more people?

  3. BB you are correct. It is nothing more than Hillarycare, warmed over.

    As most know, leftovers from that long ago will make you very, very sick. LOL

  4. "How will we have enough doctors to suddenly absorb 30-46 million more people?"

    We won't.

    Isn't it amazing that none of the O9bamacare Knee Jerk cheerleaders don't want to talk about that?