Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama and his Tank Media Tag Team pals neither listen to you nor care what you think

Watch the way the Obamanation Perpetual Campaign kicks into high gear to propagandize for the passage of their overwhelmingly unpopular vision of "health care reform", and the shameess way his Tank Media Tag Team partners will pimp for The Agenda.

"What I am concerned about, and warning everyone about, is the media machine that uses these organized events to broadcast the agenda. Framed differently, these activities aren't meant to convince attendees that healthcare is good; these activities are meant to manufacture the news, spread propaganda tropes, and over-inflate the image of the pro-socialized healthcare forces. PR stunts. The Obama modus operandi is to make his goons look bigger than they are. These are the people who will make a group of twenty conservatives appear diminutive with a far-away camera angle, and then give individual interviews to all three liberal attendees. It's just like a real estate agent photographing a small house from the best angle. Organizing for America is an illusion. It is the Wizard of Oz.

The operating methods are predictable enough. Health Care for America Now is the other group involved, and they've enlisted union leaders to send their grunts along. You'll recognize Obama-style unionists when you see them; they are good at getting media attention; they're frequently loud, make for good angry mobs, and get bulk rates from Kinko's on the signs their illiterate members carry. I'm just grateful many unionists aren't this way, and oppose this bill, too.

And you will see them. The operation will be simple; bus in supporters, give speeches, tell lies, and do not give any opposition an opportunity to speak. It's Obama's election campaign all over again, brought to you by Obama's own campaign committee. America, we have seen this tired strategy over and over, and here it comes again. I wouldn't be surprised if Green Day put on a free concert to get a crowd so they could record all those people listening to the local senator for the 30 second pause. Again."

"Let's be charitable and assume that Barack Obama is telling the truth for the first time in his political life when he says that his health care plan won't impose rationing. Granted, it may seem that given the fact that he wants to cut $500 billion from Medicare just as millions of baby boomers are about to enter the program, you'd have to adopt the view that Obama is able to perform something along the lines of the miracle of the loaves and fishes to make that an honest statement, but that's not true. Enter the IMAC. They will be the ones telling Grandma that she is in for the Michael Jackson "you're better off with the painkiller than the surgery" protocol, not the Dear Leader. So, he won't be imposing rationing. If only Stalin knew....

The Supreme Court can invent new rights out of thin air by seeing imaginary penumbras emitting magical emanations, and, in the short term, there's not a thing the American public can do about it. At best, once imposed, there might be some hope that these cases can be overruled, either by legislation or by a subsequent Supreme Court decision. Not so with decisions about Medicare funding. If President Obama gets his way, and an unaccountable bunch of presidential appointees decides that your life isn't worth living, the only reversal you may see is the change in your status from living to dead."

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