Sunday, August 09, 2009

AARP sells out its members

They're pimping for Obamacare, a program that is most assuredly NOT in their members' best interest.


"You get the idea. So too, apparently, do the seniors they profess to serve. They wonder how AARP can support a nationalized medical system like in Britain or Canada in which people die on waiting lists and where your quality of life is assessed to determine if you are worth treating at all.

They wonder why a system where cost-effectiveness is the final criterion should be supported, a system where a shortage of doctors, finite funding and increased demand leads to rationed care. They know that in a choice between a 20-something and themselves, they will lose out.

Having paid into the system all their lives and now AARP dues, they are upset that illegal aliens will be covered by legislation that eliminates any proof-of-citizenship requirement. And they are furious that AARP would support 'reform' that includes 'end-of-life counseling' as if they're being encouraged to get out of the way.

They know that the administration's plan is one big government 'do not resuscitate' order for seniors, and they don't want some government bureaucrat looking at some spreadsheet pulling their plug."

Perhaps "Bring out your dead' will make a comeback.


  1. The link in the first paragraph of your article doesn't work.

  2. AARP is losing membership like crazy over this .

  3. Until I can find the link that goes with the excerpt, I'll leave you with this one.


    "You would think that AARP would be up in arms. Nope. As Barack Obama proudly pointed out last night, AARP supports his plan.

    What Obama didn’t say is that AARP receives millions in federal funds, and hopes to get even more by becoming a vendor under his plan. In January 2007, NLPC published Special Report documenting taxpayer support for AARP. The study found that federal funding accounted for $83 million, or about 10 percent, of AARP’s then-annual revenue of $878 million."

    What's not mentioned is that AARP would benefit financially from the Obamacare Medicare cutback by increased sales of their popular medicare supplement United Health Care policies.

  4. The link in the body of the post is fixed.