Sunday, August 09, 2009

An experience in Canadacare

Hat tip: cheripicker.

Over in Usual Suspect land, the "progressives" are restless.

They can't compete on the merits of the issue, and they're getting brutalized in the court of public opinion, so they've resorted to the usual tactics of babble, dribble, drool, and spew in their desperation to salvage something, ANYTHING from the burning carcass of Obama's signature policy issue.

It's hard to feel sorry for their failure, and the failure of their cherished New World Order, isn't it?


  1. Bubba,

    That sure was a hasty retreat from Ed's blog just when the questions to you got challenging. Is this post what you call "a vapid "victory dance celebration" over at your blog about how wonderful you, and your point of view are"?

    Another example of your double standards?

    At least over here when you can't think of a cogent response, you can engage in personal attacks without fear of being banned.

    I don't see any evidence that you allow challenging and divergent opinions to be expressed on your blog, so this comment will probably be deleted or censored. I do welcome dissenting opinion on my blog, so you're welcome there.


    Jim Buie

  2. I watched the video. Funny but unconvincing. If you went to a busy metropolitan emergency room on the weekend with a bruise from skateboarding, you'd probably wait much longer than four hours. I've waited longer than that when I was in extreme pain from kidney stones. Yes, emergency rooms do triage. Duh.

    Eighty percent of Canadians support their health care system. See what real Canadians, not comedians, say about their health care system:

    That said, a Canadian-style system is not necessarily best for us, to build on what's positive about our own system.

    This is a good article: "Why Republicans Should Back Universal Health Care"

  3. There will be no further response by me to anything you post here or any other blog, Buie.

    You don't practice what you preach.

  4. Bubba,

    I'm sorry you are afraid of or run away from challenging questions, such as

    * Do you support or oppose Medicare insurance?

    * Did you support the Republicans a few years ago when they sought to cut the growth in Medicare and were accused of seeking to "gut it"?

    * Do you believe the government ought to cut over-payments to private insurance companies? Medicare Advantage over-pays insurance companies by 14%, according to a March analysis by the Payment Advisory Commission.

    * Do you support or oppose the requirement that everyone have health insurance, which is in the leading Republican bill in Congress?