Monday, August 10, 2009

Exposing one of the Big Lies "Regressives" use in support of Obamacare

Namely, the one that goes along the lines of "Other countries spend less than the United States, and get better health care", or some similar canard.

Notable excerpt:

"Defenders of government-run systems often point out that the United States has lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality rates than other industrialized countries, but neither are reliable indicators. But the incidents are a telling illustration of the differing philosophies in approaching health care.

America is more geared toward the individual, resulting in high costs in the pursuit of saving a single life, and greater inequality. The collectivist mentality shared by other nations believes in greater equality and lower costs are achieved by making decisions based on the medical needs of the entire population, often at the expense of individuals, says Klein."

More of the myths that hide the hideousness of Obamacare are found in Klein's original article.

The most recent local example of the faulty premise about lower life expectencies and higher infant mortality rates in the US can be found here.

The primary culprit in the advocacy of such falsehoods is one Dave Ribar, Professor of Economics at UNCG, someone who should clearly should know better, but does not.

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