Monday, July 27, 2009

The Obamanation's slide continues

"Strong disapproval" has an 11 point spread. At this rate, don't be surprised if the spread is at -20 or greater by Labor day.

The more Obama talks about Obamacare, the worse it gets for him. When he starts on his Cap 'n trade PR parade, it will only get worse, as pundits will continue to poke huge holes in that piece of.....legislation, in much the same way as they've made Obamacare look like a piece of Swiss cheese.

I wonder whether he's started his contemplation on whether it's better for to burn out, or to just fade away into obscurity, where the only historical reference will have to do with the uniqueness of his election, and of the damage he caused in his brief presidency.

On the other hand, perhaps his well documented arrogance has him firmly trapped in La La land, where nothing ever goes wrong, and he remains clueless about the imminence of his failed presidency.

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