Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mars attacks!

Imagine this conversation between two invading Martians intent on destroying Earth:

Martian # 1: We must destroy the Earthlings. But how?

Martian # 2: Why not let man-made global warming do it for us?

Martian # 1: Are you kidding? We do not have 100,000 years.

Martian # 2: Why not just wait for Earthlings to pass their Cap and Trade Climate Bills?

Martian # 1: Great idea! That way the energies of the planet remain preserved while the Earthlings quickly tax themselves to death.

Martian # 2: I think it would be a win-win for us.

Martian # 1: I agree. Hey, you want to watch a movie? I have my favorite sci-fi DVD with me, An Inconvenient Truth, starring Al Gore.

Martian # 2: I cannot right now. I have plans to beam down to the United States because I am in need of surgery. You know it is common knowledge that America provides the best medical care in the galaxy.

Martian # 1: But we Martians have good universal healthcare.

Martian # 2: Yeah, but good luck. I am presently on an eighty-year waiting list.

Martian # 1: But you do not have any Earthling American dollars to pay for surgery!

Martian # 2: That's not a problem. I don't need any. I'm an alien.


  1. OH ME this is so funny. I really love the last statement by the alien. It fits so well within the plans of the "Occupier in Chief".

  2. or perhaps the idiot in chief. The fool that a bigger bunch of fools elected this past November and now many are "disappointed" just as the empty suited sock puppet said they would be.

    Hope that clears thing up for you.

  3. Is that a retraction of the 'Occupier in Chief' tag?