Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barone: The Obama narrative is predictable

The narrative of this year's Democratic National Convention can be forecast with some assurance.

Barone is too generous in that description.

Key points:

"There is a difference between the two parties, however. The Democrats can usually depend on the mainstream media accepting their narratives uncritically, while the Republicans can expect them to punch holes in their storylines."

Hmmm....Barone is telling us something that everybody (except the most naive of the Usual Suspects) already knows.

"An interesting question is whether mainstream media have any appetite for undermining this undeniably attractive narrative. Of 'the whole Obama narrative,' one reporter told The New Republic's Gabriel Sherman, 'like all stories, it's not entirely true.'"

"Not entirely true" is a real stretch of the facts.

"Obama backers dismiss attempts to undermine his narrative as distractions or as racism, beyond the bounds of reasonable discourse. Most of the mainstream media tend to agree."

And of course, our local Usual Suspects are quick to use "smear" and "ridicule" as phony issues with which to to deflect the public's attention from their candidates' indefensible stance on the actual issues.

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