Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Biden selection for the Democrat VP nomination

Yeah, that's "change we can believe in", right?

Marc Ambinder:

"Biden premised his presidential candidacy on the notion that Obama was unqualified and not ready from day one. You can expect that the McCain campaign or the RNC will run a national television advertisement featuring Biden’s many and various quotations to this effect. . . That Obama (apparently) picked him demonstrates a recognition that the Democratic ticket ought to be more than just about Obama’s personality… or a statement of bipartisan pragmatism… it’s easy to float on gossamers when the world is safe, but when it’s burning down, a guy like Biden is just the ticket."

John Podhoretz:

"I think the nation should offer profound thanks to Barack Obama for the Biden choice because of the real possibility that there will be unexpected moments of comedy between now and Election Day. For the thing is that Biden doesn’t just have a big mouth. He actually has an identifiable problem. It’s called logorrhea. When he starts speaking, it is nearly impossible for him to figure out how to stop. Almost every blunder he has made in the past decade is due to the free associating that is the ancillary effect of his prolixity."

What a disaster for the Dems!

I LOVE it when a plan comes together!

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