Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Criminal consequences for Spitzer's behavior

It appears that there's lots to prosecute in this case.

Andrew McCarthy:

"But there's an even simpler money laundering law that I imagine the Governor may be concerned about. You have committed a felony violation, punishable by up to 20 years in jail, if you have money that is the proceeds of some form of illegal activity (including prostitution), and you conduct a financial transaction with those proceeds (a) with the intention of promoting certain crimes (including prostitution), or (b) with the knowledge that the transaction is designed to conceal how the proceeds were generated.

If I understand the allegations correctly, Spitzer not only obtained and paid in cash in order not to leave a paper trail, but paid extra cash in order to set up a credit with the prostitution ring for future use. That raises the possibility of money laundering under both the promotion and concealment theories."

Ah, but already some of the dumbasses are babbling about "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" wanting to prosecute yet another Dem/Lefty/"Progessive" hero over "sex".

It's a good thing "arrogance" is not a crime. Otherwise, Spitzer (and Ed Cone) would have long ago started serving sentences.


  1. You know what amazes me is Spitzer's wife is pretty easy on the eyes herself. Had he been married to Hillary I might understand it.

    Personally I think Spitzer should go ahead and resign as dragging this out isn't good for anyone.

  2. "Personally I think Spitzer should go ahead and resign as dragging this out isn't good for anyone."

    It hurts Hillary, for sure.

  3. meblogin wants to know if it was sex.

    Well I suppose it would depend on your definition of sex is. OOOPS, I believe that defense has already been used.

    Bubba, the Hillary camp is saying nothing and have distanced themselves from the Gov ever since he came out with the deal on giving illegals drivers licenses, or so it seems.