Monday, March 10, 2008

The Cone Project for 3-10-08

Ah, yes....SO much to cover, so little time available to do so!

-- "Global Warming" apologist and True Believer Dave Dobson, on Cone's so-called bigotry thread:

"....and I'm very, very glad not to have to read whatever Bubba would have typed."

How funny it is for someone like Dobson, a person who professes to advance the cause of higher learning, to feel protected by an intellectual and academic coward like Cone!

Spag nails Cone as usual, on the "civility" point.

-- Note that Cone is back harping on the Iraq situation, turning the spotlight on some carefully cherry-picked news about an increase in bombing.

It's just the particular time in Cone's "issue rotation" for something like this to appear, although he's not quite done with his whining about "Obama being slimed" over the Muslim name.

No big surprise, particularly for one whose literary imagination is as limited as his talent.

-- Cone also expresses his distaste for Ben Stein by misrepresenting a point. Nothing more there than the jealousy angle, something that Cone exhibits about once a quarter when talking about Charles Davenport's work in the N&R.

The fact that he has to share the Sunday N&R editorial pages with Davenport every now and them really drives Cone up a wall.

I think we should demand a Davenport (or some other conservative writer) column to appear every time a Cone column appears.

How about it, Allen Johnson?


On the Spitzer scandal thread, Cone whines about the complaints regarding the lack of significant mention of Spitzer's political affiliation.

Who is Cone trying to fool?

If Spitzer was a Republican, the dominant lede all over the place in the Lame Stream Media would start with "Republican", as in "Republican Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York was implicated in a sex-for-hire scandal today....."

UPDATE 3-11:

Here's the latest on the not-so subtle attempt to whitewash Spitzer's political affiliation.


"It is not too hard to imagine the kind of process that went on at the Times, as someone acted to minimize the pain to the Democrats, and then someone else pointed out that it might, uh, look a little bad, considering how badly the paper bungled its hit job on John McCain and the lobbyist, and how people tend to notice these shenanigans."


  1. Bubba, we all know that Ed only posts bad news about Iraq and then denies he has an investment in failure.

    It's just another excuse for him to bitch about Bush.

  2. "It's just another excuse for him to bitch about Bush."

    Whatever will Cone (and the rest of the BDS crowd) do when they don't have Bush to bash anymore?

    Start in on President McCain, no doubt.

    Also, did you notice Ribar's response to Preston Earle?

    "Does a local paper in New York really need to explain the party affiliation of the state's governor?"

    Hey Dave......did it ever possibly occur to you that the NYT just might have some out of state and out of country readers who just might not know what party affiliation Spitzer has?

  3. Bubba! If you are going to win the Cone battle, do it this way instead of being a whiner and a wimp like Spag....Your loyal twin....Banned Bubba am tried of carrying your water and being accuse as a Troll Bubba.

    Ed Cone said "I did not "characterize [Rachel's] tumor as a tawdry campaign gimmick," which doesn't even make sense.

    What I said was: "I wish Rachel well in her health battle, and urged others to be kind about it during the campaign, but nonetheless recognized her use of the condition as a campaigning point as the tawdry trick that it was."

    I did not publish that, by the way; it was in a personal email that the recipient chose to publish."

    Well Ed, I just happened to have gotten my hands on that little email which Ms. "Batsit Crazy" Hunter had the foresight to publish on her website. Let's see what it said:

    Q: September 27, 2006

    Subject: ED Cone asks MJ


    I don't recall saying he should talk to the media. Not really my issue. I've been more concerned with the longterm pattern of inappropriate and erratic behavior. The death threat thing doesn't look so great, either.

    Hearing you, a candidate for the State Supreme Court, explain away Connie's conviction like a jailhouse lawyer is not an encouraging sign.

    I would like to hear more info about Connie being "the man behind the 'Contract with America' and Newt Gingrich's 'Republican Revolution.'" Big claims, those.

    Posted by: Ed Cone | Sep 27, 2006 at 07:14 AM

    A: Mr. Cone:

    I do not waste my time reading your hypocritical blog. However, the statements from your blog were brought to my attention and I read them, so I know about the comments made by you, Doug Clark and John Hood.

    As I stated, what was done is done. Its not my responsibility to prove Connie's innocence. Since you are so convinced of the accuracy of the story and want to hear more about Newt Gingrich, why don't you see the country and travel to Georgia and Florida to get at the real facts of the cases and really learn who Connie is? You won't, of course, as you are too lazy and even if you did, you will not present a balanced picture because of your own pre-conceived notions. Its much easier just to cast aspersions.

    Connie articulated the stories in greater detail to me, including the ones about Newt Gingrich, the Republican Revolution and Jesse Ventura. After hearing his depiction of real events, I am convinced that the charges were politically motivated by his enemies and that Connie did not commit the crimes to which he entered nolo pleas which were done for his own reasons. But why are incidents of 10 or 20 years ago relevant in any way? Is Connie on the ballot? What office is he running for?

    What erratic behavior are you referring to? You still don't get it, do you? You can't see why things were done as they were done and you and the other "journalists" have unwittingly helped in the process. I have told you all along to just shut up and ignore me. Instead, you have given me tons of free publicity and boosted my name identification. Thanks.

    As for the death threats, there is an individual with a psychopathic obsession with me residing in Cary. An attempt was made to intimidate Connie by "The Fixer." And other very ugly things have been said which I will not repeat, including threats to get me. After going through my surgeries, I do not fear death. However, I take sensible precautions as anyone would do if they were in my position.

    You yourself said to me, "I hope people have not lost their humanity and decency." However, you are among those who made derogatory comments about me. You have shown yourself to be a phony and a hypocrite. You are a card-carrying member of the neo-con beast I talked so much about. Now others see that.


    I have good sources that tell me that you did make the "tawdry campaign gimmick" remark. Question is, why is Rachel Hunter and Connie Berry such an overwhelming concern to you? Our dollar is in the toilet; real estate and credit markets are in the tank; now there is a loss in jobs. The recession is here now regardless of how King George, Darth Cheney and their yesmen try to deny it.

    So, even if Ms. Hunter and Mr. Berry are as deluded and evil as you claim them to be, what harm are they to America when these other problems seem to be more important? Why are you so filled with hatred towards them?

    Posted by: Banned Bubba Twin | Mar 10, 2008 at 09:21 PM

    I blogged about Rachel Hunter's campaigns to get elected to a judgeship in my home state.

    I have no personal animosity toward her, or Connie; I don't know either one of them. "Evil" is your word, not mine.

    The only reason we continue to talk about them in this thread is because you keep bringing it up.

    Funny name, Banned Bubba Twin, since Connie got banned in some part for constantly trolling Bubba.

    Posted by: Ed Cone | Mar 10, 2008 at 09:29 PM