Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Cone Project for 3-11-08

-- The nonsense and the Cone-ish smarm on the Spitzer thread continues unabated as our old pals Stew and Ribar join with Cone to tag team-up on Sam, to no avail.

Sam to Cone:

"As I've said countless times before, it's your blog, but quit pretending that you are something that you are not, and that is a fair minded, objective observer. You are bitterly partisan and ideological and that is apparent to many people despite your efforts to hide it. Getting defensive when people point out your double standards shouldn't upset you."

My response?

Standard Operating Procedure, Spag.....

Meanwhile, more whine from Cone:

"I understand that you do not believe me about what I say I think."

Sam responds:

"Everyone sees the world and politics as a series of choices. Pretending that you don't makes you look arrogant as hell and foolish. Nobody is that far above the fray, Ed. Most people have the honesty to admit it."

And he obviously does not.

Sam to Ribar, after good old Dave has made several insipid posts, and is clearly in need of getting a life:

"Dave, I'm not going to argue with you because you make no sense as your logical skills have failed you. You take two entirely separate points based on entirely different premises and attempt to make them appear contradictory.

Quit apologizing for Ed and find a wife or a girlfriend. They are much more fun than Ed, and he is already married anyway."

This "banning" stuff is fun. I get to say anything I want, and none of my negative fan club even dares to respond.


  1. "The banning stuff is fun."

    Ah Grasshoppa. You have discovered the secret to a happier blogging life - not to mention producing a body of work that is more easily Googled - more likely to be read - and not buried in the commentary on someone else's blog.

    You've noticed that they don't come out of their own sandboxes to "play" in other yards?

    Very brave they are (not).

    Sam should leave too. Cone with just the sychophants is unreadable.

  2. "Cone with just the sychophants is unreadable."

    And boring, to boot.

    It also results in far fewer visitors to his site.

  3. Sam eats their libch as usaual

    Fred Gregory

  4. I stated the following on Tony Wilkins site and it bear reap[eating....often.

    "As for Bubba being banned at Ed’s: Well People I have never seen the attraction to Ed Cone’s site. Perhaps I am missing something, but a blog where the author says nothing and reveals nothing of his own opinions (if he has any) but simply briefly quotes other news articles is a bore to me. It seems Ed is smugly saying, “Hey look I read the news ain’t I just the smartest?!!” Well I read the news too Ed and am, I believe, intelligent enough to pick my own sources (current daily count 14 newspapers around the world plus any number of blogs in and out of the local community). So I can only conclude that the attraction is like that of a local beer joint where the beer is bad and the liquor is watered down but out of habit everybody seems to just keep going back because….well, everybody just keeps going back. However if you People would just look around there are some better “joints” in town; Tony’s Bar and Grill is becoming one of the best and along with good beer he serves up original music! Brenda Bowers (The Opinionated Old Bird)"

  5. That is "it bears repeating often". My fingers seem to get in the way of my typing! BB

  6. It ain't only Cone banning folks these days.

    It looks like the almight curator of We101, the protector of freedom and freespeech has now banned our friend Dr. Mary Johnson. No reason, except he says she is disruptive and has broken the TOS. Say What? I call BS on that real fast.

    Next excuse it seems is that she doesn't live inside the confines of G'boro. What the heck difference does that make if you live inside the G'boro service area and last time I checked down toward Asboro was still pretty much in that service area. I guess that is unless you are being picky and just want to get rid of someone who is getting a lot of attention, much needed attention by the way, with her story.

    The cowardly JR, Cone and now Roch have joined to attempt to silence the good Doctor.

    What are they afraid of?