Friday, March 14, 2008

Intimidation and payback in Greensboro's blogosphere

A despicable story of pettiness and small-minded childishness by the "curator" of WE101, a supposed guiding light of the principles of blogging.

Dr. J:

"I have miss-placed my We101 password. Please forward it, or a way to reset it, and I will change my city settings myself.

I do not live within the city limits of Asheboro. In fact, I am joining forces with my neighbors (of Dave's Mountain) who are actively opposed to the Asheboro City Council's current plans to annex us.

My Father was born and raised in Greensboro - and I still have extended family who reside there. I was born in Greensboro. My Mother did her undergraduate & Master's work in education at UNC-G (meanwhile I attended pre-school at the campus). I lived in Greensboro for four years - while attending UNC-G (pre-med/triple-major/Phi Beta Kappa). I shop in Greensboro. I dine in Greensboro. I socialize in Greensboro.

I realize my name is not "Cone", but NONE of this should be necessary to "justify" listing my blog in Greensboro.

I will repeat.
Roch Smith, Jr. did not ask permission . . . or have my approval . . . to make any changes to my blog's listing or settings.

It is very clear Mr. Smith's actions, as curator of We101, were retaliatory and based on a personal grudge."

I'll repeat what I've said before:

The "royalty" of Greensboro's blogging community is getting threatened by their lack of ability to control that which challenges the power and authority they want to possess.

Here's a message to all of them:


It will shortly be time to name all their names and their offenses.


  1. Not unlike the Duke students...I will hold off on any opinion until hearing what Roch has to say.

    It seems many times there are innocent reasons why stuff like this happens.

    If Roch did this with malice or intent then I think it is sad.

  2. What other "reasons" would Roch have MeB?

    According to We101's "terms of service", the blogger is allowed to pick his/her city affiliation.

    It is not assigned by We101.

    I have very strong ties to Greensboro - and have chosen to associate with the We101 Greensboro link because I want/need as much traffic as I can get. After all, I'm in the blogosphere for a reason.

    One day after I take him to task on your blog and mine, Roch threw me into what he considers the blogging trash-pile.

    He then banned me for crawling out.

    Free speech? Freedom of choice? "Community"?

    Tell me some MORE good ones.

  3. Roch's silence speaks much louder than any thing he could say. I have no doubt that what was done was done in the spirit of malice just as Ed and JR have professed. They all fear a strong voice, especially one that is being heard. They feel their power slipping away because what they say really has no real relevance in the world anymore. They seem to repeat only what they read, hear, or see from others who hold similar leanings and ideals. Those leanings and ideals have become like a bell without a clapper. New voices are rising up, such as Dr. Mary and they are relevant and are being heard. Their fear is showing. Their actions speak louder than words. They lack the ability to go up against such new and strong voices so their tactic is to ridicule, slander, degrade and when that doesn't work it's banishment time. I'm Jus'Saying, that's my opinion!