Friday, June 01, 2007

Krauthammer on the immigration idiocy

"Comprehensive immigration reform" isn't.

Not by a long shot.


"Until now we’ve had a special category for highly skilled, world-renowned, and indispensable talent. Great musicians, athletes, and high-tech managers come in today under the EB-1 visa. This apparently is going to be abolished in the name of an idiotic egalitarianism.

I suspect this provision is a kind of apology for one of the few very good ideas in the bill — taking skill, education, and English proficiency into account rather just family ties, and thus cutting back on a chain -migration system in which the Yemeni laborer can bring over an entire clan while the engineers and teachers desperate to get here languish in the old country."

"But the campaign for legalization does not stop at stupidity and farce. It adds mendacity as well — such as the front-page story in last Friday’s New York Times claiming that “a large majority of Americans want to change the immigration laws to allow illegal immigrants to gain legal status.”

We are quite aware that information is bogus, as Krauthammer proceeds to illustrate..

The more we know about this disaster, the worse the reality becomes.

Why has this thing not been totally scrapped yet?

Why are the lame streamers and the politicians ignoring the public?

Have they all gone completely whacked out on us?

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