Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Lefty Economic Game Plan

Extortion of Corporate America.


"Manheim goes through painstaking detail to illustrate the Progressive-Left’s plan of capturing the money, power and influence of corporations. The plan involves painting Big Business and capitalism as an enemy of the public. Once vilified, the next stage is for the CSR advocates to offer corporations the one and only redemption: buy credibility through the implementation of CSR programs that redeem the corporate evil-doers by promoting the CSR advocates’ preferred social goals."

" For the CSR advocates, they now have a Congress with a friendly ear toward implementing regulations with the stated purpose of controlling capitalism to ensure that it “works for the benefit of all people”. The legislators are consequently all too happy to codify the behaviors and activities the CSR advocates have been “persuading” companies to implement for years. For the Democratic Congress, the CSR advocates, and especially the corporations that have been brow-beaten into advocating the CSR policies, provide important political cover for increasing the regulatory burdens on industry."

Far fetched? Hardly.

If you don't believe this could take place, watch and learn.

The rest of us will be active to ensure this insidious outrage never comes to fruition for the "progressives".

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