Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Democrat Agenda Takes Shape

(from the Patriot Post U.S.)

" When Charles Schumer starts bragging about a permanent Democrat majority, you know trouble is brewing. Leaders of the Democrat caucus are setting up shop for investigations into pretty much everything the Bush administration has championed, including tax cuts, the Iraq war and a rational energy policy. We can also expect early bills to include a minimum-wage increase and an end to tax incentives for oil companies.

Sen. Hillary Clinton told reporters, “Health care is coming back.” If her plans for health-care reform include implementation of the draconian system of socialized medicine that she tried to enact when she was co-president in 1993, then she would be more accurate to say that health care is going away.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, who will chair the Environment and Public Works Committee, plans to hold hearings on global warming. She is calling for stricter controls on carbon emissions, using California’s recent restrictions as a model for national regulation. Sen. Schumer vowed that there would not be another Samuel Alito, indicating that President Bush’s remaking of the courts with constitutional constructionists is over.

Democrats are expected to proceed cautiously on immigration reform, if at all. This issue, which does not break neatly along partisan lines, hurt the electoral prospects of Republicans on both sides of the fence (as it were). However, if Democrats support a softer program that includes temporary worker status for illegals, they would be tacitly endorsing President Bush’s stand on the issue. That could translate into a political victory for the president, which is surely not on the liberal agenda."

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