Saturday, November 18, 2006

Regarding the ongoing attempt to re-establish the Caliphate

....which you never seem to read much about or hear much about from those who profess a certain brand of political/social/economic world view, it's time we started paying better attention to the seriousness of the problem.

The bottom line:

"For if the West decides to fight this war, rather than accept Islamic domination as the price of peace (an open question), the bombing and killing are going to be on a scale that makes the current war on terror look like a preliminary skirmish."


  1. Glad to see someone else notices this very serious problem.

  2. Absolutely, Sam. Some folks are not at all serious about solving the problem. Others are using it to play domestic politics. Incredibly, some don't even think there IS a problem.

    Life goes on for most people, and they never think about the threat.

    Certain people downplay the importance, and use the harsh realities of dealing with the situation as a political tool. Many of these same people use fake concern over "abuse of civil liberties" as a front for fighting the Administration's efforts to use every available resource to protect our citizens.

    It's been more than five years since the first major terror attack on the U.S. I'm afraid most of us have listened to the political shills and have forgotten the awful reality of terrorism.

    We will probably have to learn the lesson again the hard way. This next time, we might not be so lucky as to escape with the annihilation of one of our landmarks, and only 3000 deaths.

  3. Oh, many notice it. Including President Bush's administration. But they're drowned out by liberals and Dems who's every attack on conservatism is shouted from the rooftops by the news media. The Dems politicize this war on terror to force a wedge between the public and conservatives; I don't think they realize they're endangering our entire country when they take focus away from the terrorism threat.
    By the time folks realize we're under a serious attack it may be too late. 9/11 has been so distorted by the Libs that many will never understand until the boot of Islam is on their throat.