Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nifong and the Duke Rape Case

Once again, it's time to ask :

"What kind of case can Nifong possibly have?"

It's interesting to note that public prosecutors are immune to civil liability in cases like this.

Perhaps we should rethink that particular law.


  1. Nifong's problem is that each of his dancer-witnesses would be disasters on the witness stand with serious credibility issues.
    Couple this with the lack of DNA, ATM records of one defendant showing he was somewhere else, and other inconsistencies and you've already got some very reasonable doubt before this horse even gets out of the gate.
    This case is a loser for Nifong, and he knows it. Look for some kind of backpeddaling when it gets close to trial time.

  2. "Prosecutorial Discretion" is a black-hole for prosecutorial misconduct without consequences.