Saturday, October 07, 2006

Back from Carolina Freedom Net

I'm no longer a virgin blogger after my attendance at the John Locke Foundation's Carolina Freedom Net earlier today.

Several other attendees have written about this already, so I won't bore you with details that others have already covered.

However, the discussion among the group about McCain-Feingold, and the impact of FEC or FCC media regulations current or future is an important subject for all of us. I'm glad there is awareness of the potential implications in this area.

My other thought from attending this event was that it would be interesting if we had an informal group of local conservative bloggers who got together on a semi-regular basis.

Anyone up for that idea?


  1. sure..what is semi conservative?

  2. Our meeting place is in the semi, and is to be held on a regular basis. Semi conservatives (like John McCain) are welcome also.

  3. Was this for blog owners only?
    Do you define "blogger" as someone who owns/publishes/maintains a blog, or as someone who contributes to a blog?
    I saw that Fred G. went, but he doesn't own a blog.

  4. Thanks, Sam. I look forward to reading more of your material. I like the way your thought process works.

    Fred and I missed you, jaycee. Anyone was welcome.

    We also missed David Boyd. I was looking forward to meeting him.

    Perhaps I'll drop by Converge South to see if I can catch the other people I would like to meet.

  5. Good to see you again, Bubba.

    I may not be able to make every meeting, but perhaps some...

  6. Pleasure to meet you face to face Bubba.