Monday, October 09, 2006

Once again, we have proof positive

Tax cuts reduce budget deficits and grow the economy.


"..The main cause of the deficit decline -- 90% of it, says White House budget director Rob Portman -- is a tidal wave of tax revenue. Tax collections have increased by $521 billion in the last two fiscal years, the largest two-year revenue increase -- even after adjusting for inflation -- in American history. If you're surprised to hear that, it's probably because inside Washington this is treated as the only secret no one wants to print. On the few occasions when the media pay attention to the rise in tax collections, they scratch their heads and wonder where this 'surprising' and 'unexpected windfall' came from."

Just another reason not to buy into what the Democrats have been trying to sell the American public for the last 5 years, and a compelling reason NOT to let them pick your pocket in the form of tax increases, by keeping them OUT of control of the Federal government.

We already know what Democrats are capable of taking away from us on the state level....let's not compound these problems at the national level.

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