Friday, September 03, 2010

NY Times implies New Yorkers are bigots

......because they're not "progressive" enough to have a kumbaya feeling over the insult and outrage of the Ground Zero mosque proposal.

Even more insulting and outrageous is the Times' arrogant conclusion:

"New Yorkers, like other Americans, have a way to go. We stand with the poll’s minority: the 27 percent who say the mosque should be built in Lower Manhattan because moving it would compromise American values. Building it would be a gesture to Muslim-Americans who, of course, live here, pray here and died here, along with so many of their fellow Americans, on that awful September morning. But it’s all of us who will benefit."

"Compromise American values"? "A gesture to Muslim-Americans"?

American values are compromised when we forget the essential nature of the threat that caused the 9-11 events: Terrorism fueled by religious fanaticism, which continues in many areas of the world, including here at home.

Any "gesture" should originate FROM Muslim-Americans, who need to say with no uncertainty that they're Americans first and foremost, and will not tolerate those who commit terror against our nation.

The New York Times has reached a new low in scum sucking bottom feeding.

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