Friday, April 09, 2010

The so-called "Net Neutrality" heads south


"Just 27% of Americans now believe the Federal Communications Commission should regulate the Internet like it does television and radio. That marks a 22-point drop in support for federal regulation of the Internet since June 2008."

That's bad news for those "progressives", particularly those of the Google GaGa brigade, who think that increased government control of the internet is a "good thing".

Since when does increased government control over ANYTHING that "progressives" want controlled in fulfilment of The Agenda (TM) amount to being a "good thing"?


  1. But at present, preferences of the majority of the citizenry are not at all considered by those in authority.

  2. it's just the latest episode in the ongoing saga known as "Obama Knows Best".

    Unfortunately for the Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" enablers of said thuggery, the ratings are tanking, and the cancellation notices are being readied for a November delivery.