Friday, April 09, 2010

Obama's "new and improved" nuclear policy: More endangerment for America

(HT: Dr. Sanity)

Linda Chavez:

"While anti-nuclear fanatics warned of an apocalypse
if the U.S. continued to expand and improve its nuclear arsenal during the Cold
War, the reality was that our superiority over our enemy and our unwillingness
to foreswear the use of nuclear weapons prevented the conflagration many feared.
Now, President Barack Obama is determined to abandon six decades of proven
nuclear deterrent policy in favor of a fantasy that he can rid the world of
these dangerous weapons by tying America's hands behind our

What's next?

Providing actual nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, the Palestinians, and Al Qaeda, based on their agreement to abide by a "Don't Be Evil" policy?

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