Saturday, December 05, 2009

Obama's set to play the fool over Climategate

Pretending that the fraud that is the essence of "climate change" alarmism doesn't exist is rapidly fading. But that doesn't stop our Resident from practicing "business as usual" in Copenhagen.


"Yet the global warming hucksters continue, as if the cooked and contrived data records and suppression of inconvenient facts debunking the notion of rising global temperatures were never uncovered. These eco-alarmists are compelled to do so. They have too much invested in this fraud, and it has been far too lucrative for them in the past to simply abandon it merely because it has been wholly discredited.

But their seemingly confident public front belies an undercurrent of panic and desperation. Keep a straight face, continue demanding "funds" for further research and advocacy, and hope for a perpetuation of the revolving door of government monies and increased political power to continue business as usual.

Barack Obama is attending the Copenhagen climate summit on that very premise. Were he actually concerned with the best interests of this country, he would immediately empanel an investigative team to determine the truth of 'climate change.'

But in light of the recently publicized evidence, such a course would certainly find 'global warming' to be a myth, and thus would dispel the incentives for bigger and more powerful governments to invade and manage every detail of the lives of their citizenry. And such a world, in which the state acquires unbridled power, has emerged as the true Obama agenda.

When a political movement uses lies and fraud to advance a stated cause, it should be self-evident that the 'cause' is of no real concern, but only a means of gaining leverage for an ulterior agenda. Such is the only plausible conclusion that can be drawn from this revelation of total fraud at the highest levels of the 'global warming' advocacy."

As well we now know, Obama is NOT concerned with the best interests of our country and its citizens. Barack Obama is only interested in what's best for Barack Obama, his "progressive" accomplices, and the destructive and repressive world view agenda that drives their malfeasance, incompetence, and thirst for absolute power and control over all things political, social, and economic in this land.

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