Saturday, December 05, 2009

The "Fake but Accurate" Climategate Denial

And, as always, the rationale for the scandal is that it's really no big deal anyway.


"JOE SCARBOROUGH: This ClimateGate issue, where you've got scientists connected with Gore--I guess they're very important scientists in this field--that were apparently sending emails that made it look like they were playing with the numbers. Tell us: what's your take on that? Because you've got the right and the left fighting each other and the rest of us are in the crossfire.

JEFFREY SACHS: This is pretty serious. Not what happened, but how it's being responded to. Because this is really trying to Swiftboat science.

SCARBOROUGH: What happened is not important? These guys saying let's juice the numbers?

SACHS: What happened is not a very big deal, no. And what happened is a tiny piece of a huge, global, independent scientific enterprise which has found for decades that we have a very serious environmental crisis."

As if.....

The appellation of "deniers" on this issue is now permanently and forever transferred to the Alarmists.

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