Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Public Option" reality

Steve Chapman:

"If Medicare were a bank, federal regulators would be closing its doors, selling its operations and sacking its managers. Thanks to soaring costs, the program is fast running out of money -- even though it pays such low fees that many doctors refuse to take Medicare patients. Meanwhile, Medicare fraud costs taxpayers some $60 billion a year, according to a report by CBS's '60 Minutes,' making it among the most profitable fields for felons.

That's our experience with government-run health insurance for the elderly. So what do congressional Democrats propose to do? Offer government-run health insurance to everyone else."

Read the rest of the piece.

Speaking of reading things, I can almost guarantee that regardless of what they spring on us today, they will NOT let us read the whole thing.

The insanity of this is beyond rational comprehension.


My, oh my! I was wrong.

Here's the disaster, all 1990 pdf pages of it.

This leads me to think some of the alternate theories about this were right. The Dems really don't expect this to be enacted, so the whole thing becomes a bone thrown the Looney Tooner Left's way.

By this evening, we should have all the horrid parts pretty well ready to expose for the bad stuff they represent. The response will be furious and overwhelming.

When the monstrosity ultimately dies it's deserved death, the Dems can then tell their fringe freaks "See? We tried! But those knuckle dragging conservatives and those eeeeeeeeevil insurance companies did us in!"


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