Thursday, October 22, 2009

The "Medicare For All" theme is back

Do these Idiocrats never learn?

As discussed here,that's one of the worst options they could possibly brand their version of "health care reform". It's clearly not favored by anyone, except for the respondants in "regressive" inspired push polling, and Usual Suspects near and far, who are a distinct minority.

"Medicare Part E" indeed!


"The Inevitable Medicare Cuts":
"But, contrary to the president's rhetoric, the bills that Congress is currently debating do cut Medicare.

For example, roughly 10.2 million seniors currently receive their health care through the Medicare Advantage program. That program offers many seniors benefits not included in traditional Medicare, including preventive-care services, coordinated care for chronic conditions, routine physical examinations, additional hospitalization, skilled nursing facility stays, routine eye and hearing examinations, and glasses and hearing aids. The bills currently making their way through Congress would cut payments to Medicare Advantage plans by $100 billion to $150 billion. In response, many insurers are expected to stop participating in the program, while others will probably increase the premiums they charge seniors. Millions of seniors will likely be forced off their current plans and back into traditional Medicare.

The Congressional Budget Office makes it clear that, at the very least, the cuts 'would reduce the extra benefits that would be made available to beneficiaries through Medicare Advantage
plans.' "

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