Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Health care "reform" means you'll be paying more for less

Price Waterhouse Cooper's study establishes that fact.


"The PWC projections track what The Heritage Foundation and many others have said about the legislation: It does not save money. It simply taxes those who have health coverage and uses the money to give care to others.

The White House is said to be livid. After all, President Obama’s claims that he makes care more affordable are exposed as a myth by the new study. Lawmakers claim the bill would 'save' money, but that’s not true for those who have insurance.

The only 'savings' would be to those who receive government-paid health care and subsidies at the cost of higher prices for everyone else. (Even if the legislation 'reduced the deficit', it would do so by making citizens pay more, not by controlling government spending.)"

I'm sure they ARE furious that the smoke and mirrors on this subject has been completely removed.

In addition, don't let the babble, dribble, drool and spew from the "regressives" who spout the "insurance company hack study" have any credibility with you or others..

From Protein Wisdom:

"It should be noted that the slander from tool Rother is against one of the most premiere accounting firms in the nation. Insurance companies did fund the study; however, businesses always pay the bill for their own auditing which does not invalidate the audit. Firms like PWC live or die by their reputations. So attacking where the study came from rather then addressing any ANY of the findings in the study is particularly stupid. Not unexpected, but stupid all the same.

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  1. Now the proponents are just reflexively discounting the PWC report. "Badly flawed" "meaningless".