Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Cap 'n Trade goes down the tubes, watch for the EPA to backdoor it into existence

In a similar manner as the Obamanation will use in an effort to get Obamacare through via the Reconciliation process in Congress, CO2 taxation and regulation will be handled by EPA edict:

Here's the story of the current academic fraud being used by the True Believers in an attempt to perpetuate the continuation of the scam agenda.

"All of this is much more than an academic spat. It now appears likely that the U.S. Senate will drop cap-and-trade climate legislation from its docket this fall — whereupon the Obama Environmental Protection Agency is going to step in and issue regulations on carbon-dioxide emissions.

Unlike a law, which can’t be challenged on a scientific basis, a regulation can. If there are no data, there’s no science. U.S. taxpayers deserve to know the answer to the question posed above."
It's Thug Politics at its best, but the outcome will ultimately be the proper one: the death and burial of this most outrageous scheme yet invented to seperate the public from their money for something of no legitimate benefit.

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