Thursday, September 03, 2009

Obama's current options for his Obamacare agenda

Andrew Busch says he's got three options: Go with the current strategy and take some potentially disastrous results; start all over; or put it on hiatus with a blue ribbon truly bi-partisan group to put it back together the right way.

"What would be best for the country? The third option, or perhaps the second, if it produces a genuine compromise. No bill is better than a really bad bill—that is to say, any of the bills currently circulating—and the most difficult question will be to ascertain at what point a bill is so much improved that it has become better than nothing. What seems most likely for Obama to select? The first option, or perhaps the second, if it is a repackaged boondoggle. It will tell us something about the future of Obama’s presidency if this disjunction plays out in actuality. "
I think Obama will pick option one, because the pressure from the hard core "regressive" element will not allow him to do otherwise. We have plenty of evidence locally and nationally that supports this outcome.

Accordingly, Obamacare as we know it will be a flaming failure, as was Hillarycare, and will mark the escalation of a steeper decline than already in evidence of Obama's popularity. It will effectively represent the end of the Obama presidency, and as such, will probably stifle any appropriate and real health care reform until he is out of office.

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