Monday, September 07, 2009

The Huff 'n Puff Posters blame Beck for Van Jones' departure

It's not Glenn Beck's fault that Jones is a wacko looney tooner.

Read this hysterical bit:
".....the hypocrisy uncovers the real truth of this whole affair: Van Jones was targeted by the political terrorist known as Glenn Beck -- the man who leads a 21st century lynch mob looking to hunt down anyone (and especially anyone black) who has ever been a part of progressive movement politics.

....In placating the demands of this terrorist and his lynch mob, the Obama administration has simultaneously empowered that terrorist and that lynch mob, while abandoning its own progressive base.
WAY too funny!

It's pretty apparent Obama was glad to see a political liabilty go. Jones is one of the many fringecakes that never should have made it into an Obama Administration.



  1. Bubba, seems "progressive movement politics" is a subliminal term for dictator enslavement politics. Nothing about it empowers, it enslaves. It removes the very freedom that divided a nation and people died for "blacks" to have centuries ago. Progressive wants to hand out crumbs and doesn't want anyone to get ahead. They want status quo for everyone except for the ones in power (i.e. government like Venezuala's Chavez). If people like Jeremiah Wright think people should have healthcare, he ought to sell that mansion he's living in and give it to his former congregation without insurance (according to how he thinks that wealth should be distributed). selahV

  2. just broke a wishbone. I got the larger half. Know what I wished for? I wished that Eric Holdren (the science czar) will be next to resign. We need a good fall cleaning. We'll get to that next year in the voting booths, I believe. selahV

  3. I disagree with one little point: I doubt that Obama was glad to see him go, even though he became a political liability. Obama and Jones are cast from the same mold. Two community activists who want to see government grow, expand and take over ever facet of our lives. When it became clear that Jones was a political liability, Obama threw him under the bus, but I doubt he enjoyed doing so. It was a necessary evil.