Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baucus anounces the Senate version of Obamacare: The Magic Number is 13 percent

That's the amount of your annual income Baucus envisions you paying for your family's health care BEFORE co-pays, deductibles, and any other coverage split.

For a family with two kids and $100k income, thats THIRTEEN THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS to start, or almost ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS PER MONTH, plus all the other items you'll pay when you actually use it.

Without having hard figures at hand, I'd say that represents about TWICE the amount most families now pay currently for personally paid family health insurance policies., with the only added benefit being no exclusion for pre-existing conditions.

What a deal!

And it's clear that the 10 year, $856 billion cost numbers being projected are a joke.

"The CBO's cost estimate understates the number who would receive the subsidy because it ignores the incentive for many firms to drop employer-provided coverage. It also ignores the strong incentive that individuals would have to reduce reportable cash incomes to qualify for higher subsidy rates. The total cost of ObamaCare over the next decade likely would be closer to $2 trillion than to $1 trillion."
This is nothing more than a major disaster for the nation.

It's time to make this piece of excrement die once and for all, and start over again on health care reform.


  1. If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep gonna be your downfall.

  2. Bubba, at the risk of being called a racist, I think this health-care closed-door opaque (non-transparent) debates have been a total waste of taxpayer dollars thus far. These mandates are insane. This has got to be unconstitutional--if that matters anymore. I remember during the 2008 Campaign debates that Obama snickered at McCain when he said Obama's health-care plan would fine Americans and Employers. People scoffed at that. Well, here we are. Pity us all. selahV

  3. Nobody should trust Obama on anything he says or does. He is much like John Edwards.

  4. "Nobody should trust Obama on anything he says or does."

    Only the hardcore 15% actually do, thank God.

    Most of the local ones can be found over at Cone's

    For selahV and my other out-of-towners who may not know whom I'm talking about, you kind read it here.

    It's the "regressive" place to go for your daily dose of motivation that we need to maintain to rid this nation from the damage that these ......people's political, social, and economic agenda are causing.

  5. IT is extremely costly and will be even more so for the states after 2013 and 2015 according to what I read in the bill itself. Much of what the Feds are claiming to pick up and pay for NOW will be dumped on states and of course individuals after these dates. That is pretty clear even in the first 28 pages (PDF Version).

    It is also clear that the public option, in other words government controlled health care where folks can join the "pool" has not been taken out but only disguised. You don't really believe that the Dems would allow the "public option" to be removed do you?
    I will be commenting more as I complete the outline now that I have read and had time to re-read the entire fiasco.