Saturday, July 04, 2009

Transparency in the Obamanation?

Yeah, right.

Ask Alan Carlin about what happens to those in government who have the audacity to expose the official nonsense on a cherished agenda item like "global warming" climate change.

"The Bush administration's great sin, for the record, was daring to issue reports that laid out the administration's official position on global warming. That the reports did not contain the most doomsday predictions led to howls that the Bush politicals were suppressing and ignoring career scientists.

The Carlin dustup falls into a murkier category. Unlike annual reports, the Obama EPA's endangerment finding is a policy act. As such, EPA is required to make public those agency documents that pertain to the decision, to allow for public comment. Court rulings say rulemaking records must include both 'the evidence relied upon and the evidence discarded.' In refusing to allow Mr. Carlin's study to be circulated, the agency essentially hid it from the docket.

(Imagine that!)

Unable to defend the EPA's actions, the climate-change crew -- , led by anonymous EPA officials -- is doing what it does best: trashing Mr. Carlin as a 'denier.' He is, we are told, 'only' an economist (he in fact holds a degree in physics from CalTech). It wasn't his 'job' to look at this issue (he in fact works in an office tasked with 'informing important policy decisions with sound economics and other sciences.') His study was full of sham science. (The majority of it in fact references peer-reviewed studies.) Where's Mr. Hansen and his defense of scientific freedom when you really need him?

Mr. Carlin is instead an explanation for why the science debate is little reported in this country. The professional penalty for offering a contrary view to elites like Al Gore is a smear campaign. The global-warming crowd likes to deride skeptics as the equivalent of the Catholic Church refusing to accept the Copernican theory. The irony is that, today, it is those who dare critique the new religion of human-induced climate change who face the Inquisition."


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