Sunday, July 05, 2009

Here's a LONG list of what's wrong about the noxious Cap 'n Trade bill

Or as NRO calls it, "Garden of Piggish Delights".

Read all 50 points.

"Two main things to understand about Waxman-Markey:

First, it will not reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, at least not at any point in the near future. The inclusion of carbon offsets, which can be manufactured out of thin air and political imagination, will eliminate most of the demands that the legislation puts on industry, though in doing so it will manage to drive up the prices consumers pay for every product that requires energy for its manufacture — which is to say, for everything.

Second, it represents a worse abuse of the public trust and purse than the stimulus and the bailouts put together. Waxman-Markey creates a permanent new regime in which environmental romanticism and corporate welfare are mixed together to form political poison. From comic bureaucratic power grabs (check out the section of the bill on candelabras) to the creation of new welfare programs for Democratic constituencies to, above all, massive giveaways for every financial, industrial, and political lobby imaginable, this bill would permanently deform American politics and economic life."
The nightmare-ish quagmire and gross misuse of authority and money created by this monstrosity needs to be put to a permanent death.

As the article suggests, this thing will have a more deleterious effect on our nation than virtually all the Obamanation nonsense so far combined.

We can't say we haven't been warned.

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