Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who exactly was involved in the authorship of 'Dreams From My Father'?

Author and "literary doctor" tells us about his research into the issue,and why it matters.


"For the literary left, the fact that Ayers helped Obama would be a less troubling revelation than that Obama needed help at all. They have built a foundational myth around his genius, a genius that can be located only in Dreams. The dark side of the Democrat genius mythology, of course, is the Republican dunce mythology of which Sarah Palin and George Bush are the most recent victims.

There is thus a logic to the left's willful blindness. Why the literary right has accepted this charade continues to baffle me."

And here we have the chief collaborator himself on video:

Let's here it for the academic and intellectual integrity of the Resident President of the Obamanation United States.

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