Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama admits the obvious

"We're out of money."

Rick Moran:

"This is a man who hasn't a clue. Yes, we are in a recession and a financial crisis. So your scare tactics that ratcheted up fear in order to get your stim bill, omnibus spending, and FY 2009 budget passed - a total of more than $5 trillion with interest added - are backfiring and you think you can work your way out of it by spending a trillion more on a health insurance boondoggle?

What planet is this guy from?

Not Krypton, obviously.

And, of course, our current and pending economic disasters can be blamed on anyone or anything but him.


" 'Don't blame me,' Obama says. It's those 7 Straw Men who are responsible. "

Such is life under the Obamanation.

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