Thursday, May 07, 2009

A question for John Robinson

"What did the media see in Edwards?"

JR, of course, is eminently qualified to provide the answer to that, given his past history of fawning adulation to that most empty of empty suits.

He is by no means alone in that matter, however. Witness the author of the linked piece.

"All campaigns are about imagery and manipulation. But stripping away this gloss is supposed to be one of the media's jobs, or at least it used to be. That we helped create Edwards as a national figure and now cover his wife's book promotion as a worthy story is a measure of not just what's gone wrong for them, but what's wrong with us."
Obviously, the same can be said of the current occupant of the White House, whose election showcased the acme of the Empty Suit Syndrome, as was previously best illustrated by Edwards.


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