Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama's got a plan for your future wheels...

......and you will LIKE it, whether you like it or not!

"You WILL drive the functional equivalents of four wheel enclosed Vespas, because I SAY so! Automotive safety and comfort forthwith will have no function (except for the privileged Elite, like Al Gore and myself)."


"In secret conversations, the Obama administration has lined up support from many state governments and a huge array of domestic and foreign automakers, including GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW and many more." doubt using the same scorched earth policy his thugs used on the Chrysler bondholders to force them to give up their bond agreements, while protecting the UAW's vested interests.

We're well aware how things like that work in the Obamanation.



  1. I'm glad I went ahead and bought the red Ford truck.

  2. So we'll all be forced into Prius's while China and India grow fat off of our outsourced money and buy cars which are not subject to Obama's eco-nazi rules.
    And the end result will be...more worldwide pollution by others while we suffer in cramped CrackerJack boxes so Obama can glean votes from special interest groups.
    Yeah, great plan...

  3. Government Motors will spin off the Buick Division to the ChiComs.

    After all, China is now the largest market for the Buick product, so it makes perfect sense.

  4. So as your lifeblood seeps away while you're pinned inside your crushed lil Prius underneath an 18-wheeler driven by a Mexican and carrying Chinese auto parts on Interstate 40 you can be serene in the knowledge that you helped save the planet.
    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  5. Watch them enact a new tax (disguised as a "fee") on all older cars they can't get sent to the crusher through federal fiat (not the Italian Fiat).

  6. Absolutely, bubba.
    And when folks try to hold on to those old cars because they can't afford a newer one then the government will start confiscating them. "It's for the environment" they'll say.
    Then look for government "bailout" programs to provide cars for the "needy." But the car will come with a computer "minder" to supervise how the driver uses it and impose "green" user fees (taxes) for wasting resources by running the A/C, heat, etc.
    Then the government will offer the driver "car credits" he can purchase through his government bank to buy minutes for A/C use, heat, idling, etc.
    Obama is driving us into the depths of socialism at breakneck speed.

  7. The Obama administration claims that the price of autos will rise by about $1500 2-5 years from now. For a vehicle that is that fuel efficient, I don't think it's to great a price to pay. The safety issue is what concerns me most. And the less money we spend on gas is fine with me.


  8. brandonB, the government gets a huge chunk of tax money from the sale of gasoline.
    If we use less gas, how do you think the government will make up the shortfall? That's right...more taxes on gasoline and other things to make up the difference.
    So the savings on gas will result in even more taxes, so that "efficient" car will cost more in the long run, and be much less safe to boot. Thousands will die in car crashes who would have survived had they been in bigger, stronger cars.
    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  9. "The Obama administration claims that the price of autos will rise by about $1500 2-5 years from now. For a vehicle that is that fuel efficient, I don't think it's to great a price to pay."

    Yeah, right.

    If the figure is within FIVE times $1500, we'll be lucky.

    All for something along the lines of "global warming".....ummmm, "climate change", which doesn't exist in the form the Looney Tooners want it to exist, or for "peak oil" worries, which have little basis, assuming no political pandering to "progressive" special interest groups rule the issue.