Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who fact checks Kay Hagan's campaign?

Apparently no one

This statement

"...Cleland was severely wounded fighting in Vietnam." patently dishonest, and just flat out WRONG.


"Cleland’s horrible injuries did not happen in combat, as Kerry tries to suggest with his deceitfully-crafted phrase about Cleland leaving his limbs 'on the battlefield.'

This terrible accident happened not on a battlefield but on a helicopter pad 15 miles away from combat. Cleland stepped out of a helicopter to go have a beer with buddies, saw a hand grenade on the ground, assumed that he had dropped it and picked the explosive device up. It had been dropped by another, inexperienced soldier who had left the weapon on a hair trigger setting. It detonated, devastating Cleland’s 25-year-old body and in an instant changing his life.

In the 1986 edition of his autobiography Strong at the Broken Places, Cleland wrote of his receiving the Soldier’s Medal 'for allegedly shielding my men from the grenade blast and the Silver Star for allegedly coming to the aid of wounded troops….

'There were no heroics on which to base the Soldier’s Medal,' wrote Cleland on page 87. 'And it had been my men who took care of the wounded during the rocket attack, not me. Some compassionate military men had obviously recommended me for the Silver Star, but I didn’t deserve it.' (Emphasis added.) Two pages later he added: 'I was not entitled to the Purple Heart either, since I was not wounded by enemy action.' (Emphasis added.) "

Watch for the spin to be fast and furious from our Usual Suspects.

I wonder if it will be necessary to explain about "hot areas", "fragging', and the old adage "if you didn't drop it, don't pick it up".

We won't even talk about drinking beer in a situation like Cleland was in.

Nor will we talk about the "Kay, who is leading in recent polls" distortion, either.


  1. She's a *progressive* Bubba so what she says if the ground truth facts. Nothing more necessary.

    What a freaking joke and this is a great post. Actually, you have a number of great posts in the past few days.


  2. Keep reading Milo. Bubba is sometimes angry when writing his posts and therefore sounds mean spirited, but he is also usually spot on. Brenda Bowers

  3. "Sounds mean spirited"?

    I AM mean spirited when it comes to the arrogance and obnoxiousness shown by many of those who possess a certain worldview.

    These people deserve a lot more than just mean spirited attitude, and I intend to give it to them every time.

    They deserve and will get absolutely no benefit of my goodwill. In addition, I refuse to take any of their crap seriously, and will respond to said crap accordingly.

    Those local purveyors of that arrogance and obnoxiousness know who they are.

  4. You should be ashamed of yourself, perpetuating falsehoods against a fellow vet. It really demonstrates that your blind partisanship is all encompassing.

    It's not surprising that you would argue that Cleland was not "in combat" at the time of his injuries when what Hagan actually said was that Cleland's injuries happened while he was "fighting in Vietnam." That's typical of your stunted reasoning: Ignore what someone actually said and argue instead against something you pretend they said.

    Like I said, that's typical of you. What is sadly astounding is that you would turn against a brother in arms with falsehoods. The account above of what happened to Max Cleland is a distortion of the facts that you employ to a partisan end.

    You have sunk to a new low. Party above truth. I hope you think it's worth it to vent your partisan rage at the expense of any respect you may have otherwise been due.

  5. Roch stick to something you know something about. Combat is not one of them. Just where were the "falsehoods" that Bubba stated? Cleland himself admits that the medals were not deserved as was shown in the page quotes in bubba's post. There was no combat occuring when Cleland was wounded. A careless greenhorn lost a grenade that he didn't how to take precautions with and it blew Max into pieces. Hell, Roch even your own link shows that bubba made no false statement.

    I would take task with him for his comments on Cleland's going to drink a beer. I can tell you that getting a cold one, even if you didn't drink often, was a treat and if you had the opportunity to grab one with some buddies you did. It beat the over sanitized water that you carried in your canteen. When my crew would fly in a few cases of beer and some CO2 extinguishers to cool em down we were looked at like angels from heaven. So Roch, go on back over to the Conehead blog with the rest of you kind and ramble about something you can claim to know something about even if you don't know %#%$ about it.

  6. Roch the Asshole, Master of the Fact check, neglected to understand what he thought the link said

    The little wanker doesn't even REALIZE that the place where he lost his limbs WAS NOT IN A HOT ZONE, WHICH MEANS CLELAND WAS NOT IN COMBAT.


  7. Ticker, the fact remains that Cleland was NOT "severely wounded fighting in Vietnam", as the Hagan campaign wrote.

    Regarding Roch,our anal retentive ignorant jerk long ago lost the benefit of my goodwill.

    From now on,I will nail his obnoxious and arrogant smartass every chance I get, both live and in the blahgosphere.

  8. You are missing the bigger hypocrisy here. Cleland was disinvited from an Obama event in GA when the campaign discovered that he is a paid lobbyist. Hagan doesn't mention Cleland's role in representing a company that sells products and services marketing specifically at veterans. Maybe Max made a sale while he was at the VFW.

  9. Thanks for pointing that out, Anon. I had forgotten that.

    Be careful, though. Roch the Asshole will flame you for smearing a veteran.

    Knowing the lobbying info, a Cleland campaign appearence for Kay Hagan is just business as usual.

    After all, Hagan IS an integral part of the Vast Democrat Culture of Corruption that's dominated NC government for so long.

    And if she manages to fool enough voters into electing her to the Senate, why would we expect her to suddenly develop better ethics?