Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Price gouge alert

It's happening all over town as I write this.

There is NO way that this can be rationally justified. None whatsoever.

Details later.


Here are the promised details, as relayed to me in a telephone conversation:

This morning, a friend and former colleage of mine finished his first appointment of the day early, and decided to catch up on paperwork before he made his next call. He stops at a gas station/convenience store here in Greensboro (names not provided, to protect the guilty).

He sits in the car, cranks up the laptop, and starts to work. After some 30 minutes, my friend finishes the work, and looks up to see the price of gas is now mysteriously 20 plus cents higher than it had been when he first parked on the lot, but no delivery tanker had been noticed .

He enters the store to get some coffee, and strikes up a conversation with an employee, which goes along these lines:

FRIEND: I noticed your prices went up just a while ago. Did you get more fuel delivered?


FRIEND: When was your last delivery?

EMPLOYEE: Not since last weekend, I think.

FRIEND: Why did the price go up?

EMPLOYEE: I just work here. I do what I'm told.

FRIEND: Very interesting.

Anyone want to come up with a scenario that explains why the "magic price increase" might not be price gouging?

Do you think some new and more expensive refined oil product inventory miraculously appeared at this station by osmosis?

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