Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sorting out the realities of the "banking crisis"

Seems like every day the "banking crisis" is thrown in our face by the in-the-tank media and bloggers as some sort of indictment of the Republican/Bush years.

Like so many of the other overblown themes our Usual Suspects love to whine about, you need to look beyond the politicized "progressive" hot air and see the facts as they actually are.

Mark Perry's bottom line:

"Despite the troubles in the banking industry, we're still a long way from anything close a real banking crisis like the S&L crisis."


That will spoil the carefully crafted illusion if you keep talking like that, Professor Perry!

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  1. The usual suspects forget that the root of the problem goes back to Carter and Clinton and the forced lending regulations that have brought us to this point. But for them it's easier to blame it on Bush.