Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama, not wanting to be upstaged by Biden in the "Stupid Comment" area

.....proceeds to question McCain's patriotism.

Key point:

"And, of course, it makes questioning Obama's patriotism fair game, and that's a battle he's likely to lose (it is also a diversion from the battle of 'issues' which favor Democrats slightly to the battle of 'values' which always favors Republicans)."

I guess being a "community organizer" doesn't necessarily teach you not to run your mouth mindlessly, as has been O'Bama's tendency throughout the campaign.

Keep it up, Barry.

I love it when a plan comes together......


  1. He's doing a find job of keeping up with Joe "Talking Blooper" Biden too!


  2. Wait till The One goes up against McCain in an unscripted debate, Milo.

    It will be a bloodbath.

  3. I'm fairly confident in the following prediction:

    "uh, well, uh, uh, well, yea, you know"

    We'll see how it plays out :)

  4. More stupidity from "the one". He keeps on keeping on and so much the better.

    Oops. Looks like it too a grunt to call the LSM’s hand on this one as well. McCain gets criticized for not using e-mail and Obama gets a pass for being stupid. Open mouth and insert foot once again Obamarumba

    “You no doubt are aware of the commercial Obama has put on that mocks McCain for not using email. You have no idea how angry this makes me at Obama. As has been reported elsewhere since 2000, McCain is severely limited in the use of his arms and cannot type because of wounds received while in the military. Obama nonetheless sees fit to mock Sen. McCain for not using a technology that he is not able to use effectively. Will Obama try to pass this buck along to an overly zealous staffer like everything else? Is this the sort of veterans’ protection and benefits I can expect when I get home from the war?” —Balad, Iraq
    Hattip: PatriotPost.