Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reflections on the Presidential debate

(hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)

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  1. Several of the leftist LSM types reported that McCain stuttered and coughed which made him look bad and the rest of the time he was uneasy throwing out the so called barbs. Just what the heck debate was that fool watching. I didn't count the Uh's and lip licking repeats made by Obama because I was too busy waiting to see if he actually was going to say anything continue with "just words".
    Yep, McCain, like most folks who are not just windbags will begin a bit slow and yep they might even have a real cough but at least he was not there muttering, no no ,not so, under his breath and waving his hand in the air like a first grader needing to go pee everytime McCain laid the truth out there for Obama to answer. His answers or what passed for answers were more of "Just Words" rather than any real substance.Even the answer to the first question was the usual "just words" straight from about half dozen others canned speeches. When he didn't have a clue as to how to deal with the question as the moderator more than once asked him to do he gave some phrase that used part of the question and then changed the subject. Have you noticed how often those on the left , when they have no answers, will attempt to steer the subject away from the real topic? Some of Bubba's "best" buddies have a tendency to do that all the time. Down here we call it BS'ing cause you ain't got a clue.
    Unfortunately the LSM is going to call it for Obama regardless of how little he knows about the subject or how often he has to change the subject to fill air time with "just words".