Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama's Revisionist History

Barry O needs a little history lesson to make sure that he does not repeat his absurd "de-regulation" talking point, as he did in last night's debate.

Greg Mankiw conducts the lesson.


"If Senator Obama really wants to transcend partisan politics, as he would sometimes have us believe, he might want to give a slightly more balanced view of the history of how this all started. He also might want to take note that the Bush administration warned about some of these problems five years ago and had its reform efforts stymied by prominent members of Senator Obama's own party."

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  1. Oh, but that was never mentioned by the LSM so called debate experts. However they were all over McCain for talking about Eisenhower and also the foreign leaders that he has had dealings with and knows . Of course they claimed that he was living in the past with his knowledge of history and bragging about who he knows in leadership of foreign countries.
    I'd rather have some one who has a grasp of history and can judge from experience rather than someone like Obama who only knows what has been fed to him by his handlers and they for the most part are as dumb as he is when it comes to history.
    As McCain and Biden said, the Presidency is no place for on the job training.