Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kay Hagan's distortions CONTINUE

As discussed here, Hagan has distorted Max Cleland's service in Viet Nam to portray him as something he is not.

She continues to do so in this press release, which STILL remains on her web site, uncorrected.

If Kay Hagan wants to paint herself as some sort of big supporter and friend of veterans, she would do well to stop the various mis-representations.

If she can't get some basic facts right, how can she be trusted to get the major facts right as a senator?

A better explanation is probably this: She knows the truth about Cleland's injuries, and just wants to mislead the voting public into thinking she's a "huge supporter" of veterans.

The same is true of her accusations against Liddy Dole which belie Hagan's interests in "Big Oil".

Hagan remains the quintessential yappy little ankle-biting mutt of North Carolina politics.

Calling her a "fibber" is WAY too generous a description.

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