Sunday, August 10, 2008

So why isn't Obama leading by double digits?

The Architect tells us why.

Notice how Schieffer keeps saying "But what about John McCain?", as if he felt an obligation to stick to the script, and not let Rove point out the painful truth that's got Dems worried?

Too funny!

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  1. The Obamazombies and other gushers should be more than worried. Looks like even the "empty suit" is not as sure of himself as he is pretending. The "great orator",
    as expected, declined John McCain’s offer to participate in a series of 10 town hall meetings this fall. Obama, no doubt wondering how he would coherently expound upon “change we can believe in” when put on the spot by audience members, has committed only to the three debates scheduled by the Commission on Presidential Debates. (That would mean no teleprompter and the "great orator" is not so great without one thus only the three debates where they are used.)
    It seems that the "great orator" has angered some black groups this week by “clarifying” his earlier position on slavery reparations. Earlier, when asked about the possibility of an apology and reparations for slavery and the Jim Crow era, he spoke about backing up words with deeds. He now says that an apology would not necessarily benefit black Americans, and that reparations might be a “distraction,” presumably from real change. No wonder he doesn’t want to participate in McCain’s town hall meetings—he doesn’t dare to walk this particular tightrope, or others, without his trusty teleprompter.
    It would appear that many are beginning to see through the "empty suit" disguised as a "great orator" and are moving away into the "undecided column". Of course the Obamazombies are calling these folks racist. How dare they see through their messiah and declare him to be nothing but an idol with crumbling clay feet?